Update to the Draft Housing Strategy

Council would like to thank our community for taking the time to read and make a submission to the draft Nillumbik Housing Strategy.

We advise that at Council’s Ordinary Meeting (OCM) on 23 June 2020 Council resolved to:

1. Abandon the current draft Nillumbik Housing Strategy.

2. Prioritise a new Nillumbik Neighbourhood Character Strategy and Community Reference Group to inform any future Nillumbik Housing Strategy.

3. Advise all submitters of this change via email/mail and on the Nillumbik Website and other communication channels.

Minutes of the OCM of the 23rd July can be obtained from Councils website (available from Friday 26th July):


As a result of the OCM, no further work will occur on the draft Nillumbik Housing Strategy at this point in time and consultation on the document has now ended.

It is noted given the above advice, the draft Housing Strategy will not be considered at the Future Nillumbik Committee meeting scheduled for August.