Council Elections and Candidate Information

Information relating to the local government elections being held in October 2020 can be found on Council’s website at

Please note all election candidates must undertake mandatory training before they are able to nominate as a candidate.

This training is now available online via the Local government website:

Please find below the link to the Candidate Information video presentation now available on the VEC website.

The presentation provides comprehensive information for prospective candidates to find out more about the nomination process for the 2020 local council elections.

The recorded version will be complemented by three state-wide interactive candidate seminars which compliment the information session video. The seminars will provide prospective candidates the opportunity to ask questions about the nomination process and the election.

The seminars will be held on the following days:

Wednesday 9 September 2020 at 7pm

Sunday 13 September 2020 at 1pm

Tuesday 15 September 2020 at 5pm

Please also find a link to a short VEC video outlining how voters can find information on candidates, including where they stand on various issues that the voter may care about. You are welcome to share this video on your social media platforms.