Has Queensland Fruit Fly reached your property?

Queensland Fruit Fly infestations have recently been found in Nillumbik and surrounding areas.

Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) is one of Australia’s worst horticultural pests. It is a serious threat to commercial fruit growers, hobby farmers, and home gardeners.

Nillumbik residents can help prevent Queensland fruit fly.

If you or your neighbours have found Queensland Fruit Fly in your harvest this season, please take the time to map and detail the infestation using the mapping tool below.

This information will help us to plan potential pest management options including where ‘neighbourhood action groups' could be useful in helping neighbours work together to eradicate and prevent the spread of QFF.

Place a pin on the map below to show us where you've found Queensland fruit fly.

You can also add comments and upload a photo.

NB: Comments, photos and pinned points on the map are publicly viewable.

Then please answer the questions below the map to give us a few more details.

NB: Answers to these questions are not publicly viewable.


Queensland Fruit Fly Infestation

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1. Please tell us (approximately) when you first noticed the QFF infestation.
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5. Have there been any other QFF infestations in your local area that you are aware of?
6. Would you like a Council officer from the Environment Unit to contact you to provide information, support and advice to manage QFF on your property or in your garden?
7. Would you like to find out more about joining or forming a QFF neighbourhood action group?

If you answered yes to Question 6 or 7, please provide your contact details.

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Privacy notification

Nillumbik Shire Council is collecting your information for the purpose of contacting you about your interest in a Queensland fruit fly program. The information collected will not be shared with third parties unless we are permitted to or required to by law. If the information requested is not provided or only provided in part, we will not be able to contact you to follow up on your interest in this program. You can access the personal information held by Council about you by contacting Council’s Privacy Officer 9433 3271 or by email privacy@nillumbik.vic.gov.au