Arts and Culture Strategy 2022-2026

An Arts and Culture Plan or Strategy for Nillumbik Shire is developed every four years. It responds directly to the strategic objectives/goals of the Council Plan in line with community needs and aspiration.

Nillumbik has long been renowned for fostering its deep connections to the arts. We know that our artistic and cultural heritage is important to the Nillumbik community and that creative communities and grassroots art practices are inherent to the Shire.

The Arts and Culture Strategy 2022-2026 has been developed after extensive community consultation.

The strategy identifies the following four goals:

What we Heard

What We Know: Arts and Culture Strategy 2022–26 Community Consultation Summary Report

Residents from all corners of Nillumbik contributed to the creation of the What We Know: Arts and Culture Strategy 2022–26 Community Consultation Summary Report: numbering 2216 in total. This is the largest engagement process ever undertaken by Council specifically for its arts and culture planning.

Three key themes emerged strongly that reflect the Nillumbik community’s cultural values and expectations:

  • Interconnectedness
  • Creative Capital
  • Diversity in cultural expression and artistic practice

The consultation data detailed in this Report will be used in support of the development of an Arts and Culture Strategy 2022–2026. The evidence in this Report will also be used to ensure future arts and cultural activities are connected to an established community need.

Read more about what we heard in the Arts and Culture Strategy 2022-26 Community Consultation Summary Report.