Thank you for sharing your thoughts on bicycle racks in the Eltham Activity Centre

In June 2020, the Australian Government announced the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program stimulus package, supporting local councils to deliver local road and community infrastructure projects.

Council received funding as part of the program and resolved to fund bicycle racks in Eltham Activity Centre.

With your assistance, Council has updated the plan to highlight the areas where bicycle racks are most in demand.

Support for bicycle racks in Eltham was high and this project will greatly improve bicycle facilities in the area and promote alternative transport.

Through the feedback received, we also acknowledged the need for bicycle racks on private land such as Coles, Woolworths car parks, etc. and Council will liaise with these businesses in the future to install bicycle racks on their property.

Council is excited to install important bicycle infrastructure to promote and encourage cycling in Eltham. You will notice installation of bicycle racks from mid June and July.