Council regularly receives questions and complaints about deer from landholders across the Shire.

We want to help landholders in their efforts to control deer.

We’ve received a federal Communities Environment Program grant to work with landholders to better understand the problem; to help the community to work together to address the problem; and to provide a 2020 program of technical support and training (advice, property visits, information sessions, workshops and field days).

To help us to tailor this support and training to your interests and needs, we have a few questions that we’d like you to answer.

We’ll use the survey comments to help plan and refine the sessions that we run.

The survey will be open until December 2020 and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Community Deer Management Survey

Please tell us about yourself and share your thoughts about deer in Nillumbik.
1. What are your connections to Nillumbik?

Choose as many as apply

3. Do you think that deer are a problem in Nillumbik?
4. How often do you see deer in Nillumbik?
5. How many deer do you usually see?
6. Are these deer on your property?
7. If No or Both, where do you tend to see them?

Choose as many as apply

8. In what type of environment do you see deer?

Choose as many as apply

9. Do you record these sightings using DeerScan? - We strongly encourage you to do this.

10. Have you seen signs of damage caused by deer?
11. If yes, what types of damage have you seen?

Choose as many as apply

12. Have you undertaken any deer control (shooting) on your property?
13. If yes, who carried out this control?

Choose as many as apply

15. Which of the following options for management have you tried or would you consider using on your property?

Choose as many as apply

Would not consider
Would consider
Have tried
No action
Deer-proof fencing
Sound deterrent
Light deterrent
Scent deterrent
Motion-activated sprinkler
Volunteer / recreational shooter
Professional shooter
Mustering and trapping

Please comment

16. Please indicate which of the following training options or workshops/events you would be interested in attending?

Choose as many as apply

Tell us about it here:

18. Do you hunt deer?
19. Are you a member of a Landcare Group or Friends Group in Nillumbik?
You have 255 characters left.
20. Would you be interested in:
You have 1000 characters left.

Thank you for your time. Nillumbik looks forward to working with the community in tackling this complex issue.

Privacy notification

Nillumbik Shire Council is collecting your information for the purpose of contacting you about your interest in our community deer management program. The information collected will not be shared with third parties unless we are permitted to or required to by law. If the information requested is not provided or only provided in part, we will not be able to contact you to follow up on your interest in this program. You can access the personal information held by Council about you by contacting Council’s Privacy Officer 9433 3271 or by email