Thank you for providing feedback on the draft Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) 2021-2025

Under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, every Victorian local government must prepare a plan outlining how it will manage dogs and cats within its municipal boundaries.

The Domestic Animal Management Plan aims to promote responsible pet ownership, the welfare of cats and dogs in the community and the protection of the community and environment from nuisance cats and dogs.

The 2021-2025 DAMP objectives will guide Nillumbik Shire Council in its service to the community by implementing a number of strategies in response to issues raised by the community:

  • Encourage statuary compliance and promote responsible pet ownership
  • Reduce nuisance caused by cats and dogs
  • Minimise dog attacks
  • Enhance community safety by reducing the number of dogs not under effective control in Councils off lead parks and reserves
  • Review Councils animal management service which include Local Laws provisions and existing Orders made under the Act
  • Increase registration of cats and dogs
  • Ensure authorised officers are appropriately trained to conduct their animal management duties
  • Promote the benefits of desexing cats and dogs
  • Continue to reunite lost and found cats and dogs to their owners when possible
  • Continue to provide assistance to vulnerable community members by caring for their animals free of charge
  • To have a plan in place in case of an emergency
  • Address the overpopulation of unwanted cats and dogs while minimising euthanasia rates.

The plan relates only to the keeping of dogs and cats, as the Act does not address other animals such as livestock or wildlife.

Feedback has now closed.

Next Steps

Council will review the feedback and also consider submissions at the 10 October Planning and Consultation Committee meeting, where submitters will also be able to make verbal statements.

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What we heard

During May and June we asked community for feedback on a range of animal related issues and topics.

We heard from over 850 people and this feedback has been used to develop our draft Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021-25.

The ten (10) most common community issues identified through the survey were as followed.

  • Dog owners not picking up excrement after their pets.
  • Dogs off leash when in on-leash areas.
  • Cats outside of property at night time after curfew.
  • Dogs with owners far away/absent in parks and reserves.
  • Dogs barking for long periods of time.
  • Cats preying on wildlife.
  • Cats causing a nuisance to resident’s properties.
  • Cats that appear unowned.
  • Residents unaware of services the Community Safety Department provides to the community, such as where the pet registration funds are spent each year and the cat trapping program.
  • Residents unaware of how to find on and off-leash areas in their community.

You can read about these findings in the DAMP consultation findings report.

Privacy Collection Notice:

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