The first stage of community consultation has concluded.

Council is reviewing the Structure Plans for the Diamond Creek and Eltham Activity Centres. Activity centres are the State Government’s preferred areas to concentrate a mix of uses and activities including retail, commercial and residential. They are also important community hubs where people can shop, work, play and live. Activity centres are guided by Structure Plans. Structure Plans give a vision, objectives and directions to support vibrant, prosperous, well-connected and sustainable centres, now and into the future.

The Eltham Structure Plan (2004) and Diamond Creek Structure Plan (2006) need to be updated to respond to the considerable social, economic and environmental change experience by Melbourne in the last 15 years.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their ideas and thoughts. A Community Engagement Report has been prepared by the consulting firm Chatterbox which summarises the feedback received from the engagement.

Council is currently working on a draft Structure Plan.

There will be an opportunity to give your feedback on the Draft Structure Plan in early 2020.


Diamond Creek Activity Centre Map

Drag and drop a pin onto the map to show us where you think the hidden gems of the Diamond Creek Activity Centre as well as any areas you think need attention. You can zoom in to see more details, including street names.

You can tell us a bit about the place you have chosen by adding a comment to your pin, or even uploading a photo.

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