Eltham Theme 1 map

Land Use Activities and Development Framework Plan


  • To expand employment floor-space, particularly for emergent industries, to meet an increased proportion of projected demand and reduce ‘escape expenditure’.
  • To encourage a land use mix that services local residents, supports local businesses, while attracting ongoing investment to the centre.
  • To establish a major employment anchor to support local non-tradeable activity (health, education or public administration).
  • To promote an increase in the amount and diversity of housing by providing medium density housing, to energise the centre.
  • To provide more employment opportunities by intensifying and expanding the range of commercial and community activities in the centre, particularly the amount of office development.
  • To optimise the development potential of the Activity Centre by ensuring that individual sites are developed to their highest and best use.
  • To focus retail activity in a compact core east of the Main Road.
  • To support the expansion of experiential retail, dining and entertainment, growing the night time economy.
  • To support a wider range of uses in the Activity Centre, particularly in parts of the BSBA, whilst protecting amenity of residential areas.
  • To improve access to and integrate commercial and housing development with the railway station and its surrounds.
  • To promote the provision of convenient access to daily and weekly shopping, as well as a modest amount of comparison shopping.
  • To encourage the development of leisure and social opportunities which operate day and night, and at weekends.
  • To encourage mixed-use developments through-out much of the Activity Centre particularly mixed use residential and office buildings.
  • To reimagine and reconnect community uses.
  • To create a lively and people-based centre with civic and community spaces that enhance community interaction and general health and well-being, accommodating a wide variety of community functions, including the display of community art and artefacts which reflect the artistic and cultural aspirations of the community.


  • Support the niche restaurants and active uses around the Town Square and along Commercial Place between Luck and Arthur Streets.
  • Develop Commercial Place as a ‘Food Street’ whereby the local artisanal food products are showcased.
  • Develop land use provisions that support a diversity of employment opportunities.
  • Encourage uses that extend the hours of activity of the Activity Centre, develop an night time economy and strengthen its function as a place for living and working at the street level.
  • Investigate potential sites for an education, health or public administration anchor, potentially in Precincts 1 or 5.
  • Strongly advocate for a transit-oriented development (TOD) on land in Precinct 3 including uses such as commercial and residential.
  • Encourage redevelopment at increased residential densities to achieve an increase of 1,108 additional dwellings within walking distance of the Activity Centre by 2036.
  • Deliver a vertical mix of land uses through facilitating the use of shop tops for office, residential and other commercial uses within the main streets of the Activity Centre.
  • Focus on experiential retail, dining and entertainment and night time economy and activity that will tap into existing strengths and opportunities.
  • Encourage office floorspace at the first floor of mixed use developments (instead of residential).
  • Consider the potential application of ACZ1 to parts of the BSBA to enable a diversification of uses including creative industries, small manufacturers, start-up businesses offices and food and drink premises such as music venues, breweries and artisanal food production (e.g. bakeries and coffee roasters).