Eltham: Precinct 10 Plan

Eltham Precinct 10 map

Preferred character statement

This precinct is the interface or transition area between the industrial precinct and the public open space or residential uses on the opposite side of Brougham and Susan Streets. It also includes the area north of Bridge Street fronting Sherbourne Road.

This precinct should include predominantly commercial uses including medium and small scale offices, and larger indoor health and recreation facilities on Susan Street. Limited retail and food and drink premises, such as breweries and artisanal food production, will add vitality and help to create a night time economy. The long term role of the precinct is to provide employment opportunities in businesses that are compatible with the adjoining residential and open space land uses.


  • To support medium and small scale offices and indoor recreation/health facilities supported by limited retail and food premises.
  • Provide a wide range employment opportunities and services to local residents.
  • To encourage visually interesting built form and promote a positive image for both the BSBA and the broader Activity Centre.


  • Encourage uses such as offices, health centres, recreation venues and limited retail and food premises on the edges of the precinct by rezoning the land to ACZ.
  • Ensure development provides a transition in scale from the commercial areas to the adjoining low scale residential areas.
  • Enable the area to function effectively.
  • Investigate the opportunity to provide a shared path along the rail line.
  • Improve the appearance and amenity of the precinct.
  • Encourage smaller scale offices along Brougham Street.
  • Implement measures to improve safety, accessibility and connectivity along Brougham, Peel and Susan Street.
  • Implement footpath on the western side of Brisbane Street, northern side of Brougham Street and both sides of Susan Street.
  • Improve public amenity through street lighting, trees creating shade, seats and furniture.
  • Provide pedestrian crossings at the intersection of Susan Street and Peel Street and on Brougham Street towards the intersection with Bolton Street.

Design Guidelines

  • Buildings should be at or close to the street edge and parallel to it, rather than set behind large landscaped setbacks or car parking areas.
  • There should be minimal gaps between adjacent buildings.
  • Retail frontages should incorporate:

- 65-80% clear-glazing between a height of 0.5m and 2.4m above the footpath offering unobstructed views into the building;

- pedestrian entries at least every 15m; and

- footpath trading or outdoor dining where possible (taking care to avoid obstructing the footpath)

- continuous weather protection (such as cantilevered canopies/ verandahs) over footpaths.

  • Office frontages should incorporate:

- 50-80% clear glazing between a height of 1m and 2.4m above the footpath, offering unobstructed views into the building;

- Pedestrian entries at least every 30m;