Eltham: Precinct 11 Plan

Eltham Precinct 11 map

Preferred character statement

The precinct should become the preferred location for restricted retailing and similar uses (e.g. home improvement centres). Bridge Street will present as a ‘green’ gateway to Eltham Town Centre with recessed built form and strengthened canopy landscaping. It will present as a high priority environment for pedestrians and cyclists, with a new civic focal point with town square demarcating the high quality employment precinct.


  • Encourage the precinct to be the preferred location for restricted retailing.
  • Provide a small civic space that can link the precinct to the Activity Centre.
  • Recognise and improve Bridge Street as a significant Gateway to Eltham.
  • Encourage high quality contemporary forms which reflect the grain and quality of traditional ‘shed’ forms.
  • Encourage buildings which are visually interesting, materially reflect the Eltham township’s bush character and complement the landscape setting.
  • Establish a civic focal point opposite the T-intersection of Bridge Street and Silver Street.
  • Encourage the urban form to emphasise key entrances, the civic focal point and intersections in the Centre.
  • Create a safe pedestrian and cycle environment with reconfiguration of vehicle access and car parking along Bridge Street in an organised and continuous manner.
  • Encourage the use of environmentally sustainable design principles for the built form and surrounding land.


  • Enhance the pedestrian link between Peel Street to the recommended focal point at Bridge/ Diamond Street intersection.
  • Investigate the provision of a pedestrian crossing on Bridge Street.
  • Ensure that the area has convenient car parking, including designated accessible bays for people with a disability.

Design Guidelines

  • Buildings fronting Bridge Street should be setback no more than 22m which contains two facing rows of right-angle parking off a single access way, with landscaping separating the parking area and a pedestrian path on each side of the accessway.

  • Frontages should incorporate:

- 50-80% clear glazing between a height of 1m and 2.4m above the footpath, offering unobstructed views into the building;

- Pedestrian entries at least every 30m; and

- Provide continuous weather protection (such as cantilevered canopies/ verandahs) over footpaths.