Eltham: Precinct 3 Plan

Eltham Precinct 3 map

Preferred character statement

The precinct will develop into a high density, mixed use and public transport oriented precinct that is highly accessible to the balance of the Activity Centre. Improvements to the train station, bus interchange and public realm will increase public transport use. Accommodating more people close to the train station will activate the precinct.

Better connections across the rail line will improve connectivity between the eastern and western precincts of the Activity Centre.


  • To encourage improved public transport services through progressive upgrades of Eltham Station and the Hurstbridge line, and provide adequate commuter parking.
  • To encourage the creation of active edges fronting Main Road and on key edges of the public transport interchange.
  • To provide safe, accessible and convenient paths of travel between public transport facilities and surrounding key destinations, such as Main Road, the community facilities to the south and nearby sporting facilities.
  • To ensure the strong presence of native canopy trees will be maintained through careful siting and design of development.
  • To promote the role of the station as a sustainable transport hub, to provide for improved pedestrian, cycle and public transport connections.
  • To advocate for removal of the level crossing to better connect the eastern and western sides of the rail line and improve the centres walkable catchment.
  • To create better pedestrian and cyclist connectivity across the rail line.
  • To create better pedestrian connectivity between the eastern and western sides of Main Road.
  • To encourage traffic calming measures to Main Road to improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • To improve car park management and design.
  • To encourage transit oriented development (TOD).


  • Ensure that future use and development maintains and enhances the functionality of the precinct as a commuter hub, and accommodates the anticipated growth in demand for public transport services and the corresponding need to upgrade the Eltham Station and Hurstbridge line.
  • Subject to the use and anticipated further development of Precinct 3 for public transport infrastructure and provision of adequate commuter car parking:

- Encourage mixed-use developments (any combination of retail, office and car parking) on land between Main Road and the railway line, including land in front of the railway station and bus interchange.

- Encourage a mix of residential, office and car parking uses on land between the railway line and Youth Road.

  • Development should promote safe and convenient public access between Main Road, Eltham Station, nearby sporting (west and south) and community facilities (south).
  • Development should incorporate existing large native trees where possible.
  • New developments should incorporate feature architectural or landscape features at exposed locations as viewed from Main Road and axial views available from east-west running streets, namely Luck Street, Pryor Street and Diamond Street.
  • Liaise with the Department of Transport (DoT) to advocate for the removal of the level crossing.
  • Investigate options to relocate the train stabling yards to enable further development.
  • Investigate implementation of an additional 200 commuter car spaces adjacent to the train station.
  • Liaise with Vic Track and DoT to investigate additional pedestrian/ cyclist bridge over the rail line.
  • Investigate improvements to the bus interchange to cater for bus demand as well as improving the internal patronage circulation.
  • Investigate improvements to the entrance and underpass to the train station including lighting.
  • Investigate the opportunity to implement a signalised pedestrian crossing on Main Road at the junction of Arthur Street and also at the junction of Main Road and Luck Street.
  • Investigate improvements to the intersection of Main Road and Diamond Street to reduce congestion and alleviate safety concerns.

Design Guidelines

  • Built form should present an attractive and articulated façade to provide visual interest.
  • Buildings should be designed with active frontages (greater than 60% non-reflective glazing) at ground level to provide a safe and lively environment.
  • Promote active frontages between railway line and Main Road locating retail activities on the ground floor and provide convenient public access between Main Road, Eltham Station, sporting facilities (to south and west) and community facilities (to south).
  • Development fronting Youth Road and Diamond Street should have landscaped front setbacks.
  • Development should incorporate existing large native trees where possible.
  • Development fronting Main Road and key edges of the public transport interchange should provide active uses and frontages at ground level.
  • Developments to the western side of the railway line should provide a transition with community uses along Diamond Street and Youth Road.
  • The design of any buildings backing onto the railway line and the train station car park should present interesting façade treatments, allow for passive surveillance and incorporate vegetative or architectural screening devices.
  • Where relevant, new development should incorporate acoustic treatments responding to the railway environment to minimise adverse amenity impacts.
  • Car parking entryways should be located to the edge of sites, clustered with other car parking entries.
  • Additional commuter car parking should be decked into the building or sleeved with other uses that provides active frontages, or passive surveillance at a minimum.
  • Excessive use of roller shutters should be avoided.

Refer to the Design Guidelines at Section 6.0 for interface setback requirements.