Eltham: Precinct 7 Plan

Eltham Precinct 7 Map

Preferred character statement

The precinct will continue to be utilised as the main recreation sports oval in the Eltham Activity Centre.


  • To provide for sporting and recreation activities and some community festivals.


  • Continue to use as a sporting facility.
  • Ensure that a range of community groups and clubs use the facilities.
  • Upgrade and improve the pedestrian and cycling link along the Diamond Creek.
  • Upgrade vehicle and pedestrian/cycling pathways through the precinct.
  • Improve the vegetation in the precinct.
  • Maintain the distant views from the oval.
  • Progressively improve signage, furniture and fencing.
  • Upgrade and improve the management of the Creek.
  • Improve and upgrade the vegetation and planting of native species.