Eltham: Precinct 9 Plan

Eltham Precinct 9 map

Preferred character statement

This precinct features extensive indigenous vegetation, attractive walks and informal recreation opportunities. Its outdoor sporting facilities including the Pitt Street oval, BMX bike course, rugby field and associate facilities, and bowls club will be enhanced. The Eltham Community and Reception Centre, the Eltham Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool, and the Living and Learning Centre, will continue to be maintained.


  • To enhance individual well being and community life by supporting a range of activities.
  • To create recreation opportunities and community events in high quality, accessible and safe spaces.
  • To retain and enhance the quality of the Gateway landscape.


  • Enhance Main Road as an attractive entry to Eltham that reflects the environmental quality of Eltham.
  • Continue to ensure the provision of high quality spaces and venues for community events, social interaction and individual learning.
  • Upgrade and improve the pedestrian and cycling link along the Diamond Creek.
  • Manage and replenish the vegetation throughout the Gateway.
  • Upgrade and improve the management of the creek.