Future of Agriculture in Nillumbik

Nillumbik Shire Council, with the support of Deakin University and Plan-it Rural, are undertaking the “Future of Agriculture in Nillumbik” (FOAN) project.

Melbourne’s population is growing. The Green Wedge areas that surround the City of Melbourne play an important role in the city’s food security, particularly in a climate constrained future. Our peri-urban spaces offer us a unique opportunity for creating resilient food production systems with a range of benefits, including shortening of supply chains, reducing transportation and waste as well as building connection between farmers and the community they feed. Climate modelling shows that Melbourne’s traditional food bowls will come under increasing pressure from climate change, so it makes sense to diversify and capitalize on the potential of the Green Wedge areas to contribute to our food security.

The majority of Nillumbik is Green Wedge, with a variety of both agricultural and conservation pursuits in this area. Council wishes to support and foster the vibrant nature of the Green Wedge area for the benefit of landholders and the broader community through the protection of conservation values as well as supporting sustainable agricultural development. This project will focus on the existing agricultural assets in the area and consider how agriculture can be supported into the future under the influence of climate change and increasing demand for locally produced food and fibre.

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The online survey targeted local agricultural businesses and landholders of agricultural land in Nillumbik to discover what they see as the key opportunities and barriers to the local industry, and offer their local insight into how Council can better support the agricultural sector into the future.

Nillumbik Shire Council is dedicated to the protection of the Green Wedge and its agricultural lands. It seeks to understand the agricultural opportunities in the context of a changing climate and a growing population. The Future of Agriculture in Nillumbik Project will provide Council with valuable information including mapping based on soil type and depth, climate change impacts and other geophysical characteristics. This data and its analysis can assist in informing preparation of future policy and strategies to protect the Green Wedge.

The FOAN project will provide Council with information and modelling that will allow for an evidence-based approach in advocating to other levels of government to achieve the best outcomes for the Shire and community.

There will be a number of opportunities for the community to contribute to and participate in this research.

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