At its Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM) Tuesday 15 September 2020 Council endorsed the Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Park Concept subject to the following changes:

  • Retention of the Moor-rul viewing platform;
  • Improved viewing options and continual use of the Moor-rul viewing platform as site to display information, and
  • No reference to removal of fire spotter cabin.

The changes to the Concept will be implemented in the preparation of a Draft Master Plan that will be made available for community review and feedback prior to finalisation of the Master Plan for adoption at a future Council Meeting, as also resolved at the OCM 15 September 2020.

The Concept presented at the OCM 15 September 2020 is annotated post-OCM as ‘Draft’, with the changes required by the resolution of Council at the OCM highlighted.

Recording of the OCM 15 September 2020