Help us review our Local Laws

Local Laws respond to issues and community needs, and are designed to ensure the actions of an individual or group do not have an adverse effect on others.

Council are in the process of reviewing some of the key laws that they are responsible for and that apply in Nilllumbik.

The Local Laws that are being reviewed are the Amenity and Infrastructure Law, and the Asset Local Law.

We are seeking feedback on some new ideas listed below, as well as feedback on the existing Local Laws and any new ideas that may not have been considered.

Use the below feedback form or upload a submission to give us your feedback.

No decisions have been made about any of the new proposed local law ideas. At this early stage it is just about getting feedback on these ideas and hearing what people think, before deciding what should be included in the draft updated version of the Local Laws document.

More information is in our Discussion Paper

We have developed a Discussion Paper that goes into more detail on each of these ideas including providing some background to the issues. Click here to read the discussion paper.

A copy is also available at Council Offices, Civic Drive, Greensborough.

Ways you can have a say;

Complete our online survey below or submit a written response.

Feedback closes 11.59pm Friday 16 July

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