The strategic directions of the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) outline how a municipality will implement its vision and manage key issues relevant to the municipality. Strategic directions are the high-level policy intentions for the municipality that provide the basis for matters that are implemented through more detailed policy in Clauses 10 to 19 (Planning Policy Framework) or a planning scheme control (e.g. a zone or overlay).

The strategic directions must be supported by background strategic work that has already been undertaken by a council. If the work to support the strategic directions has not been undertaken, then that matter may be identified as further strategic work in Clause 74.02 (Further Strategic Work) or elsewhere in a council work or business plan, not in the MPS. The strategic directions need to be evidence-based so that they can be reasonably implemented through the planning scheme.

The strategic directions should articulate what is most important to the municipality from a land use and development perspective and provide an understanding of why those issues are important.

Strategic directions should be grouped by theme and identified by sub-headings. The contextual information to the strategic direction is written in a narrative format however the strategic directions themselves must be in bullet point form, so they are clearly identified. Each strategic direction should only express one idea.

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