The strategic framework plans of the Municipal Planning Strategy are a spatial representation of the key strategic directions for the municipality. The vision, strategic directions and strategic framework plans together provide the ‘big picture’ response to the opportunities and challenges facing a municipality. The strategic framework plans:

  • Should show spatially how the municipality is expected to change as a result of the implementation of the planning scheme;
  • Compliments the policy in the MPS and where relevant, PPF;
  • They cannot replace policy text. For example, a strategic direction must be in the text of the MPS and not solely on a framework plan;
  • They should have a clear link with the strategic directions in the MPS and can be annotated to express the strategic directions on the plans;
  • May show matters such as directions for growth and development, housing frameworks, industrial land supply, productive agricultural land, strategic redevelopment sites, significant infrastructure, areas of environmental significance or areas where environmental risk must be managed or any other matter that the MPS identifies;
  • Should illustrate more than just existing conditions.

Click here to access the draft Clause 02.04 Strategic Framework Plans map document or alternatively you can view them in the gallery below.

*Please note: The survey below has been expanded to include the provision of feedback to individual plans (i.e. maps) of the clause to ensure the most comprehensive form of feedback is received for this ordinance.

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Draft Municipal Planning Strategy - Clause 02.04 Strategic Framework Plan Maps