Developing a new plan for Victoria

The Victorian Government’s Housing Statement was released in September 2023. It introduced ‘streamlined’ pathways for housing related development assessments including a greater Ministerial role. The Housing Statement also includes a commitment to updating Plan Melbourne 2017-2050, with a new whole-of-Victoria focus, and further planning reform via a review of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

In advancing development of Plan Victoria the Department of Transport and Planning are developing a new plan for Victoria to set into action what the state will look like over the coming decades.

It will focus on delivering more homes near transport, job opportunities and essential services in vibrant, liveable, and sustainable neighbourhoods. The way we live, work, and connect is rapidly changing with the times. As our population grows, we need smarter and more sustainable solutions to how we plan for the future.

To see the ways to get involved during the consultation phases see Engage Victoria