Recreation and Leisure Strategy 2022-2030 endorsed

The strategy seeks to support community participation in sport and active recreation, with a focus on well-planned facilities and environments. It also aims to remove barriers for underrepresented groups to take part in sport and recreation, including women and girls, people with disability, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

The full list of priorities includes:


1.1 Overall participation in sport and recreation is increased annually.

1.2 Participation in key targeted demographics (including women and girls, people with a disability, First Nations people, gender diverse people the LGBTQIA+ community, older adults, CALD communities and individuals from rural/remote areas) is increased annually.

1.3 Nillumbik Shire Council work proactively with community groups to address decline or stagnation in participation through targeted action plans.

1.4 Nillumbik Shire Council actively support and promote opportunities to participate in active recreation opportunities, including walking, skating, scootering and cycling.

1.5 Nillumbik Shire Council complete Gender Impact Assessments for all projects and planning (where applicable) to support the participation of women and girls, gender diverse people and the LGBTQIA+ community.


2.1 Projects, programs and services which support an increase in access, equity and inclusion in recreation are prioritised for funding.

2.2 Fees and charges for recreation facilities incentivise equitable access and promote inclusive practice.

2.3 Nillumbik Shire Council work proactively with community groups to increase awareness and build capacity around inclusion best practice.

2.4 Nillumbik Shire Council actively pursue options to make recreation and leisure facilities more accessible.

2.5 Lease agreements for sport and recreation assets are reviewed and adapted to promote fair and equal access.


3.1 Nillumbik playgrounds meet the needs of Nillumbik residents and visitors.

3.2 Infrastructure renewal and upgrade projects that meet multiple strategy principles are prioritised.

3.3 Nillumbik Shire Council actively pursue grant and funding opportunities to develop and renew assets to meet community needs.


4.1 All community engagement is undertaken in alignment with Council’s Community Engagement Policy.

4.2 A Recreation Advisory Committee is formed to provide guidance on recreation and leisure opportunities within the Shire.

4.3 Nillumbik Shire Council support community sporting clubs and contracted leisure providers to both seek new community partnerships and optimise existing partnerships with local businesses and community organisations.

4.4 Nillumbik Shire Council proactively seek to form partnerships with groups and organisations who support the participation of underrepresented community groups in sport and recreation.


5.1 Club development is delivered annually as per the Club Development Framework.

5.2 Where relevant, community sporting clubs are provided with the opportunity to transition from seasonal user agreements onto lease or license agreements.

5.3 Nillumbik Shire Council support clubs to be safe, welcoming and sustainable organisations.

5.4 Nillumbik Shire Council supports community sporting clubs to apply for funding.


6.1 Lease and licence agreements include a sustainability clause which outlines environmental considerations, including recycling and energy-saving measures.

6.2 Nillumbik Shire Council adheres to Council’s Climate Action Plan 2022-2032 in regards to the renewal, upgrade and maintenance of sport and recreation assets.