Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

Council is currently developing its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), a Reflect RAP.

A RAP is a formal commitment to support First Nations people's rights, culture, heritage, needs and aspirations. It will outline the shared approach Council will take to progress reconciliation and work alongside all First Nations people in Council’s services.

Council is developing a RAP in order to actively work towards reconciliation and the process of healing with the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung people and recognise them as the Traditional Owners of the land and waterways of Nillumbik.

This is a commitment within the Council Plan 2021-2025. Council is committed to creating a fair, equitable and inclusive community where human rights are respected, participation is facilitated, barriers are addressed and diversity is celebrated.

We support the rights of all people regardless of age, gender, ability or background. We value the diverse and changing nature of our community and understand that some groups and individuals experience more barriers than others.

Feedback closed Sunday 26 May 2024.

Explore the pillars for the draft RAP

The RAP document uses a template provided by Reconciliation Australia. It is written in a table that lists actions, deliverables and activities, these are broken into 4 pillars.

Phase 1 Engagement - Detailed findings

The RAP Working Group are responsible for developing the RAP. They have used the template and guidelines from Reconciliation Australia. Reconciliation Australia is the national body who endorse and monitor all RAPs.

Activities within the RAP have been generated from feedback and ideas provided by:

  • Nillumbik community members
  • Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Traditional Owners
  • RAP Working Group
  • Councillors and Council staff

Council undertook extensive community consultation in March and April 2023. The focus of the consultation was on seeking ideas and suggestions from the Nillumbik community on what actions the community would like to see within the RAP. The ideas have been reviewed by the RAP Working Group, and incorporated into the draft RAP.

Some ideas received were beyond the scope of a Reflect RAP, they align more to an Innovate RAP. These ideas have been recorded in an Appendix at the end of the RAP. Council intends to re-visit these ideas and hopes to action them in future RAPs.

The draft RAP has also been shared with Councillors, they have had an opportunity to provide input and feedback.

You can read more about the community consultation in the Engagement Phase 1 Consultation Findings Report