Council is undertaking a master plan project aimed at providing long-term direction for the delivery of community infrastructure in Diamond Creek.

The phases of the master plan project and their status are outlined below.

Phase A: Strategic plan (complete)

At the November 2022 Council Meeting, Council adopted the Diamond Creek Community Infrastructure Strategic Plan (the strategic plan), completing the first phase (Phase A) of the master plan project.

The strategic plan outlines ‘what’ (type), ‘how’ (service model) and ‘where’ (location) community infrastructure could be provided in Diamond Creek to meet the needs of the Diamond Creek community and the wider communities of the Shire the township serves, in 2036.

Phase B.1: Technical assessments (complete)

Since the completion of the strategic plan, Council has completed technical assessments which provide detailed technical information about the sites and will inform a later design phase of the master plan (Phase B2.b), including:

  • Detailed site surveys;
  • Parking and traffic survey;
  • Geotechnical site investigations, and
  • Site contamination assessments.

Phase B.2a: Needs analysis and facility costing (CURRENT)

In recognition of the significant scale of, and level of investment represented by, the community infrastructure proposed in the strategic plan, it is considered necessary to undertake a more detailed and nuanced community needs assessment and costing exercise to determine the specific type and components and cost of facilities within the proposed community infrastructure that would be needed by the community and likely to be supported.

This phase of work will serve to provide a design brief for the final phase of the master plan project (Phase B.2b: Design, business case and cost plan).

Phase B.2b: Design, business case and cost plan (future)

The final phase of the master plan project will include design, a business case to support the community infrastructure, a cost plan for the capital works and a draft master plan prepared for exhibition, subject to further Council project funding.

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