View updated concept plans for Graysharps Rd Open Space Precinct

Nillumbik Shire Council is moving into the next phase of the development and implementation of the Open Space Precinct Plan for Graysharps Road, Hurstbridge.

The precinct, which consists of a combination of open space and community facilities, contributes significantly towards the character and identity of Hurstbridge.

Part of an open space corridor, it is home to a range of community assets such as the cricket, football, netball and bowling clubs, basketball stadium, Hurstbridge Community Hub, preschools and the Hurst Family Graveyard.

Delivery of the Open Space Precinct Plan, Graysharps Road, Hurstbridge will provide a range of recreational opportunities in this much loved part of Hurstbridge.

Concept plans have been updated by design consultants after further consultation was undertaken earlier this year with community and can be viewed below;

Amendments from the plan presented to the community include:

  • Removal of the wet play area;
  • Reconfigured shelters and shade around ovals;
  • Provision of directional signage;
  • A revamped parking lot that allows for 50 parking spaces;
  • A more organic, meandering path connecting the revamped parking lot with the amphitheatre, connecting with the proposed shelters;
  • A new tiered slope with turf facing the east oval with rock retaining walls for hard seating;
  • Artistic feature/s within the amphitheatre and/or wider precinct; and
  • Inclusion of a projector box for display of visual images.

Additional items and considerations not represented visually on the concept plan will be worked though as part of the detailed design including;

  • Provision of drinking fountains that have both bottle refill and dog bowl
  • Consideration of future potential change rooms in the south eastern area adjacent to the east oval.
  • Provision of dog poo bag dispensers;
  • Provision of cultural heritage signage;
  • Configuration and operation of the horse access area;
  • Provision of horse troughs and horse yards; and
  • Provision of rubbish bins

Graysharps Rd Open Space Precinct Concept Plans

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What we've heard so far

Extensive community input was sought to develop the Precinct Plan and to assist in determining the priorities of the Plan.

In 2018, a Discussion Paper was exhibited for community feedback, followed by an Ideas Tree for the community to write their ideas for the Precinct.

A Project Reference Group (made up of ten community members) was established to guide the Open Space Precinct Plan project. This group developed criteria to assess the leaves placed on the Ideas Tree. These ideas were consolidated and taken to Design Workshops for the community to design the precinct. The designs developed at these workshops were taken back to the Project Reference Group, where it was agreed that a number of elements had two of eight unanimous community support and some required further testing. The final Precinct Plan was adopted by Council in December 2018.

You can see a summary of the feedback received in the Community Engagement Report.

The Open Space Precinct Plan, Graysharps Road Hurstbridge was adopted by Council on 11 December 2018.