Consultation has concluded

Graysharps Road and the surrounding area of open space and community facilities contribute significantly towards the character and identity of Hurstbridge.

Over the last six months, Council worked with the community to develop a vision and a series of ideas for the Precinct. The top ideas were further explored through a series of Design Workshops and input from a Community Reference group. This input was used to develop a draft precinct plan. The community was invited to provide input into which elements of the Precinct they'd like to see Council prioritise, as well as feedback on options for three specific elements of the plan.

You can see a summary of the feedback received in the Community Engagement Report.

The development of the final Open Space Precinct Plan, Graysharps Road, Hurstbridge has now been completed through extensive community consultation to ensure the plan responds to current and future needs.

The Open Space Precinct Plan, Graysharps Road Hurstbridge was adopted by Council on 11 December 2018.