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In February 2021 we began community engagement to help inform the development of several key strategic documents: the Community Vision, Council Plan, Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan, and Financial Plan due to be endorsed in October 2021.

The first phase of the engagement program ‘Our People, Our Place, Our Future’ commenced on 15 February 2021 and concluded on 28 March 2021.

Over 2,000 participants engaged via activities including community pop-ups, surveys, community workshops, forums and children’s activities.

The second phase has just concluded and involved community providing input on the draft Community Vision, Council Plan, Health and Wellbeing Plan and Financial Plan.

Thank you for providing feedback on these key strategic documents which will guide our Shire for the next four years and beyond.

Feedback is now closed.

Next Steps

Council will review the feedback and also consider submissions at the 14 September 2021 Planning and Consultation Committee, where submitters will also be able to make verbal statements.

To register to speak at the Planning and Consultation Committee meeting click here

Phase 1 Consultation

What we heard

While participant responses to ‘Our People, Our Place, Our Future’ were wide and varied, what was very strongly reinforced through this engagement was that our community wants our Shire to be a place where:

  • Equity, inclusion and participation is championed
  • Mental and physical wellbeing is supported
  • Liveability is prioritised
  • The environment, including the Green Wedge, is valued, admired and protected
  • Actions to mitigate the effects of climate change are undertaken
  • Risk and emergency management underpins Council’s practices

Further analysis of the engagement data and subsequent engagement phases will be delivered over the coming months in line with the legislated strategic planning requirements.

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